Fun Free Games

Fun free games are fun for all ages but have been been tested to make sure that they are non violent and safe for kids and adults alike.  Enjoy these games and watch for others to be added in the future.

Block N Roll – Roll a block block through a maze by activating bridges and other mechanisms to make it through the puzzle

Boomshine – Set off a chain reaction of bubbles in order to catch as many as possible

Cannon Blaster – Make it to the end of the course by launching yourself out of several cannons

Chronotron – Complete a number of actions in the proper sequence by going back in time and reach your goal

Conquer Antarctica – Battle enemy penguins to knock them off their island before they knock you off

Crazy Nut – Jump higher and higher into the sky working your way up on moving platforms and the backs of birds

Ding Ding – Progress through levels by connecting alike colors using your mouse

Dinner at Romeo’s – Remember customer’s orders and serve up food fast to keep them happy

Fall Down – Move your ball through a series of tunnels down level after level

Ghostball – Don’t let other balls push you around

Glassworks – Fill in different patterns that look like stained glass using different shaped pieces

House of Chocolates – Match three chocolates in a row to highlight the squares, highlight the entire board in the allotted time

Invisibility – Move your mouse through an invisible maze

Occupation – Take over the board with your pieces and block your opponent from taking your pieces

Penguin Defender – Rescue the baby penguins by finding them and protecting them from harmful fish

Plunk Pool – Sink the pool balls in the fewest shots, get bonuses for trick shots

Raft Wars – Defend your raft from pirate attackers.  Sink them before they sink you.

Real Estate Tycoon – Buy low, sell high in order to make money and save up for your dream home

Sim Lemonade Millionaire – Find the ideal lemonade mixture, set your prices, advertise, choose your location, and upgrade your facility in order to bring in big money

Sim Taxi – Get your fares where they want to go as fast as you can in order to make the most money.  Use the money to upgrade or repair your car

Thin Ice – Cut holes in the ice and drop the monsters.  But make sure that you don’t fall through or you’re sunk.

Train Accident Pinball – Bounce the train wreck from one side of the screen to the other

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