This game is kind of hard to explain, you’re better off just playing it and seeing if you like it yourself. Your object is to capture as many spaces as possible. Your characters can move one of two spaces at a time. Moving one will cause your man to duplicate, moving two will simply cause him to jump. If you move next to an enemy ‘s space, you will convert him to your side. But if an enemy moves next to your people, you’ll lose your people. You keep playing until the whole board is either occupied or all the men have been converted to one side or another.

There is definitely a strategy behind this game but I have a hard time figuring out the best way to go about it. I usually lose pretty handily. On the bright side though, two people can play this game rather than losing to the computer. My advice is if you can’t figure out how to beat the computer, find a friend and play with them.

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